Bar One at Sheffield University is one of the busiest Student Union bars in the country. In spite of this the lovely Andy took time out of his busy schedule to chat with us about what makes this bar a home from home for many students.

After its refurbishment in the summer of 2019, Bar One has strengthened its reputation as a hub for good food, real ales and a range of social activities. Just ask Andy Rolfe, who first came to Sheffield as a student. He has remained as an integral part of the Student Union for a total of 14 years.

Andy recalls “I came to Sheffield as a student and took a part-time job at the Students Union. The staff were like an extension of my social network. We had some great times. Post-University, I decided to stay on working for the Student Union and I have been running Bar One for the last 3 years”

Bar One is the backdrop for a variety of University events and activities. The bar hosts standard pub events from pub quizzes to major sporting events; but they also provide a venue for live music, artistic performances and comedy shows. Andy explains “The students keep coming back because the atmosphere is always changing. We try and cater to a broad spectrum of tastes and preferences. You have to, to stay relevant.”

“Bar one is multi-faceted. We’re a comfortable, relaxing place to meet friends for lunch or study sessions in the daytime, and we transform into a vibrant pre-night club bar on evenings and weekends.”

Bar One is also a strong supporter of real ale and local breweries. Their house beer Black & Gold is a unique beer, brewed exclusively for them by Welbeck Abbey Brewery. This 3.6% golden ale is based on our most popular core beer Henrietta and is a constant feature on the bar. The house beer celebrates the Universities sports teams who wear the classic black and gold strip.

“We have a strong relationship with Welbeck Abbey Brewery. We’ve been receiving a weekly delivery of our house beer Black & Gold for almost 5 years”

The bar is famous for its towering burgers, modern meat-free menu options, quizzes, sport and friendly staff!  Looking forward to the next 6 months Andy let us in on their plans “We are busy planning events for the 6 Nations Rugby and Varsity on the sports side, and International Women’s Day and Eurovision on the social and entertainment fronts.”

Boasting free wifi and comfy couches it’s not hard to see why Bar One is at the heart of the Universities social platform, serving a variety of food options, real ales and all sorts of fun!

Images courtesy of Sheffield Student Union and Dawnvale Group.

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