A very happy new year to all you beer drinkers out there! 2018 was a fantastic year for us here at the brewery and we saw real growth within our team.  The installation of 4 new unitanks and 3 additional staff members have allowed our brewers to really up their game, seeing them rewarded with 6 Great Taste Awards and a cask finalist in the Champion Beer of Britain Awards.  2019 will see more changes from us, including a brand new range entitled Foraged & Found, which goes hand in hand with our new initiative “Go Green for 2019”.

In addition to our 6 core real ales and kegged lager-style beer, “Pivo”, we also brew 3 unique specials each month, designed to offer something different in terms of taste and style and to pick up on developing trends.  This year we have boldly developed an innovative new range of specials centered around sustainable production. Each ale within our Foraged & Found range will be brewed with a food by-product from food producers, eateries, and community groups local to the brewery.

The range showcases our efforts to have a positive impact on environment and local community, and highlights our commitment to reducing unnecessary waste.  A variety of typical beer styles from across the world will be brewed, chosen to enhance and highlight the key flavour notes of the foods utilised. We’re entering the New Year with a coffee porter made with coffee grounds from the nearby Harley Cafe, suitably named “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee”.  To follow we will see an experimental stilton porter titled “Out of the Blue”, made with the whey from the award-winning Stichelton Dairy. We’ve teamed up with some of the local producers on our doorstep that source their ingredients carefully and considerately to make use of their by-products, as well as sourcing products from nature itself, and created a range of beers that highlight the way in which we can all help to repurpose, reuse and recycle ‘found’ foods.

You’ll notice the names are somewhat familiar sayings. Whilst we pride ourselves on a quality product underpinned by solid technical brewing knowledge, we wanted to reflect the fun experimental nature of the brews by using variations on typical British idioms and expressions for the names.

Other beers from this new range include a rhubarb saison entitled “May the Forced be With You”, a pale ale brewed with orange rind called “Take it Squeezy”, and a nettle pale dubbed “No Pain No Gain”, brewed with nettles that the team will forage locally.  A new beer will be introduced each month and information and updates on these will be on our social media channels and specials page monthly.

We hope you will collaborate with us showcasing these beers on your bars (or drinking them!) during 2019. Above are our first six brews of the year, with the following six to be revealed in the coming months.
Cheers to 2019!
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