With Summer in full swing we’ve chosen the ideal time to launch our new and improved range of minikegs.  With their popularity on the rise, minikegs have proven to be one of our most popular products this year – so much so that production of them had to be stopped in June when we completely ran out!  With our new heritage-inspired look spanning across the rest of the our product range we felt this was the ideal time to upgrade the look of our minikegs as well, and the end result does not disappoint.

These beauties are vegan friendly and require no settling time, which makes them the perfect companion for a summer picnic or barbeque.  They are available across our core range, which now includes the lager-style pale ‘Kaiser’ and can be purchased at several craft beer outlets or online from the Welbeck Farm Shop at www.welbeckfarmshop.co.uk/brewer

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