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Greendale oak

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4.0% pale

The Welbeck parkland has always been famous for its oak trees. The most famous of all was the Greendale Oak which was said to be so vast, that the Duchess had a cabinet made from the centre of the trunk, leaving an archway so wide that a horse drawn carriage could be driven right through.

Dry hopped using the freshest Australian and American hops to give zesty citrus and fresh apple-blossom aromas

Watermeadows 2022-01

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4.5% Lager-style Pale

The Carburton Watermeadows lie beside the series of lakes at Welbeck. The low grassland area is home to an array of rare and wonderful wetland wildlife, and well worth a visit.

This Lager-style pale ale is perfect for drinking outdoors this springtime, with subtle meadow-fresh hop notes and a crisp, dry finish from Slovenian ‘Dana’ hops.

Mistress of the Robe-01



4.4% Honeyed Pale Ale

In 1902, the sixth Duke commissioned Cartier to make a tiara which the Duchess wore at the coronation of Edward VII that year. She was ‘Mistress of the Robes’; senior lady in the royal household, to Queen Alexandra between 1913 and 1925.

We’ve created a luxuriously silky honeyed blonde beer with sweet malt and juicy New Zealand hops.


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5.5% Darkest Red Ale with Rich Caramel Tones

Farrier is a dark red ale, with rich caramel tones; this is one for the Red Feather lovers amongst you, and anyone who likes a dark beer. At 5.5% it has all the bitter-sweet and nutty flavours of Red Feather but packs much more of a punch into every glass.

Horses have always played a huge part in the history of The Welbeck Estate and this beer evokes an equestrian, countryside feel that’ll have you reaching for your riding crop and boots.


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5.5% UK IPA

Named after a beautiful mature woodland spot right in the heart of the Welbeck estate, this IPA is as British as they come.

This authentic English India Pale Ale is packed full of herbaceous notes from English Goldings and UK Cascade hops. The balance in this golden brew comes from honey-sweet caramalt.

Loyal Duke

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4.0% Bold Golden Ale

William Cavendish, ancestor of the Welbeck dynasty, was known as the Loyal Duke. He was so trusted, that the Duke was appointed as commander-in-chief of the Loyalist forces in the North by Charlies I.

This is a luxuriously smooth and biscuity four-grain golden ale, brewed using the very finest transcontinental hops to compliment these British malts.


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