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Out of the Blue(O)-01

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Out of the Blue

5.8% Stilton Porter (brewed with whey from Stichelton Dairy)

Stichelton Dairy produces a world class unpasteurised blue cheese following an original Stilton recipe. The whey is a by-product of generating curds for cheese-making and it’s full of water, protein and sweet lactose. Using this as a proportion of our brewing water gives this porter a full-bodied, rounded sweetness.

Admiral Keppel


Admiral Keppel

4.3% Golden Bitter

Under Admiral Keppel’s command of the channel fleet in 1778, a great battle against the French ended poorly. Keppel was accused of treason by parliament and tried by court martial, but acquitted in 1779. The Duke of Portland and others were made commemorative English gold anchor pins to thank them for their support throughout.

A golden English ale brewed with Admiral hops which brings pithy bitterness and the delicate aroma of spiced oranges.


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5.5% UK IPA

Named after a beautiful mature woodland spot right in the heart of the Welbeck estate, this IPA is as British as they come.

This authentic English India Pale Ale is packed full of herbaceous notes from English Goldings and UK Cascade hops. The balance in this golden brew comes from honey-sweet caramalt.



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