The Brewery’s secret to making great cask beer is part science; part alchemy… with the ‘creativity’ in beer making rooted in the latter. This creativity is showcased though seasonal beers – a unique and exciting way to capture seasonal quintessence in a beer.

Seasonal flavours are commonly recognised, although there are flavours that transcend seasons and form a year-round beer offer. Creating a distinctive ‘standout’ seasonal beer is the aim.

These beers are not only concerned with taste, but also texture. For example, a summer beer may be light, hoppy, and refreshing, as opposed to a dark, unctuous malty winter beer. Welbeck Abbey Brewery has recently brewed Elder Maria, a superb extra pale 3.9% elderflower cask ale, using 30kg of local foraged Elderflowers. The result is delicate, light and refreshing and perfect for sunny days.

Interestingly, seasonal beers provide fabulous opportunities for food pairings too. Smashing Pumpkins, a 5.7% warm and spicy auburn beer pairs superbly with a chunky chocolate hazelnut brownie – perfect as the days draw in and you fancy a beer in front of a roaring fire!

It is a joy to celebrate each of the differing British months through food and drink. Locally sourced food is tastier, fresher, more nutritious, and eco-friendlier so why not make the most of this seasonality and pair a harmonious beer to your food?


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