Milk stouts’ popularity has recently surged as this creamy variant of the traditional stout satisfies customer appetites for unique beers with interesting flavour profiles which are sweeter and less bitter due to the addition of lactose (milk sugars). ‘Misaligned’, a classic British style of stout is silky smooth and sweet from the addition of oats and milk.

Milk Stouts are usually dark ales with a subtle sweetness reminiscent of whole milk and a fuller mouthfeel as lactose remains untouched during fermentation leaving behind a rich and creamy tasting beer.

‘Misaligned’ is a homage to the 5th Duke who was an unusual figure in Victorian high society known for his eccentric behaviour. He communicated exclusively by letter through his iconic double-letterbox bedroom door. The physical door features in the Tunnel Vision exhibition at the Harley Gallery until May 2024.

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There are numerous delectable food pairings to enjoy with a pint of ‘Misaligned’, where the creaminess of the beer balances the richness of the food such as a charcuterie board with smoked meats and cheeses or a decadent chocolate truffle torte.

So why not pair with food or simply sit at the bar contemplating the eccentricities of life?

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